VIGO AmAro reflects the Adventurous spirit of its nAmesAke, FrAncis Vigo, A revolutionAry ItAliAn finAncier who supported the coloniAl cAuse of independence.

We feel a kinship with Amaro—and not just as distillers but because we are Philadelphians. As the site of centuries of Italian immigration, our metropolitan region is home to the second-largest Italian-American population in the United States. The early 20th century arrivals included many skilled laborers, those who worked in the factories and ship yards as well as the self-reliant entrepreneurs who opened corner grocers and sandwich stalls, and the tailors and shoemakers that lined the streets of South Philadelphia, where the Italian American community clustered in row homes, filled with their extended families. They were our original DIY’ers, converting even a few feet of backyard earth into garden patches, with those herbs, fruits and vegetables often turned into liqueurs, proudly served as part of the evening ritual. This legacy of hardscrabble hospitality is what inspired us to make VIGO, and we hope we’ve done our city’s history and heritage proud.